Key Statistical Indicators That We Recommend Following

The forecasting tool in our system takes into account multiple variables to deliver its results. In doing so, it also renders numerous data points to support its conclusions. While all of the numbers used to calculate our results can inform the reader, here are a few takeaways that anyone using our algorithm should leverage to their advantage:

Win Probability

On a pure, call-it-like-you-see-it level, this number is the site’s way of telling you how strong it feels about a certain outcome. The closer the win probabilities are to 50/50 for a game, the closer the spread should be to Pick’Em. If that’s not the case, then you should dig deeper into the selected game.

Score Prediction

This is the single most important output our forecasting model provides.


Located in the bet analysis section below each game’s top line predictions, pay particular interest to this field. Strong positive numbers…


 Located in the same area as the EV(Inp) field, this information also is critical in …

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