Our Predictive Modeling Tool

We understand that people have several options out there for gaining insights into the college football future. However, very few sites or newsletters focus exclusively on ensuring that the math and data science powering their statistical modeling optimizes the outcomes specifically for college football and its fans. 

That’s all Adjusted Stats does.

For over a decade now, we have developed and tweaked our proprietary model for predicting college football outcomes. Because of these efforts, our model has delivered an aggregated predicted success rate of close to 55% for our patrons.

How It Works

The Adjusted Stats forecasting model uses multiple levels of data and statistical insights for each team, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Offensive and defensive performances, 
  • The strength of their opponents 
  • The strength of their opponent’s opponents, 
  • What those outcomes reveal about a team’s forward outlook throughout the season

The modeling gets updated each week during the season as new outcomes arrive for each team. Accordingly, the model grows stronger throughout the college football season, as more fresh data is fed into the algorithm. 

Ultimately, while the math designed to render each prediction for a given team is always proprietary, the model is driven by statistical information that’s readily available to every fan or reader following the sport.