Data Input Instructions

Spread input represents the point spread for a bet on Team 2 (e.g., entering 15 means Team 2 is a 15-point underdog while entering -15 means Team 2 is a 15-point favorite).

Spread odds and Over/Under odds have their standard meanings (e.g., -110, the default value, means that a winning $110 bet would be paid out the staked $110 plus $100). Values are forced between -100 (even odds) and -150. You shouldn’t be placing spread bets at worse than -150 anyway (that’s far too much in itself, actually).

Moneyline values should be input as listed (e.g., entering 500 means that a winning $100 moneyline bet on that team would pay out the $100 stake plus $500 while entering -500 means that a winning $500 moneyline bet would be paid out the $500 stake plus $100). Values for favorites should be less than -100, values for underdogs should be greater than 100. Values between -100 and 100 are forced to 100 (even odds).

The “Spread Odds” and “O/U Odds” values should be filled out in order to get the RO(*) values in the analysis. The default value of -110 is the most common value given by actual books so it can be left in if you have no specific information. In order to analyze based on even odds, -100 should be input to this field.

For the “@ / vs.” field, “@” indicates that the game is being played at Team 2’s homefield while “vs.” indicates a neutral site game.